Garen Zelasch

Born amongst a trade group of the Lost. Garen spent his younger days traveling with caravans and in various trade vessels. He learned young the value of a hard work and a good time.As the years passed he grew more and more restless with even the traveling that he did as a trader. His people were wonderful but he wanted to do more. Wanted to meet more people. Life cried out to be lived and he didn't want to miss out.He took his leave of his family and friends and set off alone to find his own fortune and experience all the world had to offer.

His travels took him all over Eorzea. He found many wonderful and interesting places. Ul'dah he found to be stiflingly hot. The empire he found to be oppressive and unnecessarily grim. It wasn't until he set boots on the white stone streets of Limsa Lominsa that he found a home.The free spirit and itenerate nature of Limsa's people captivated him. There was always something new to see or some new person to meet. For a time he sold his sword to assist the Maelstrom but then one fateful day he was sent on a mission that would alter his path forever. On that day he met Talila Ismini. She was one among many slaves he fought to free that day. But something about her drew him in like no other did.

For years he continued to work as a mercenary, Talila by his side through most of it. It was the danger that it brought to her that made him reconsider his work. To seek out new opportunities. As luck would have it a representative of the Golden Saucer would present an answer to his problem. There he found even more that he could love. A vibrant club scene, adventures to be had and money to be made. It was perfect fit that would allow him to leave the bloody life of a sell sword behind.He started his work there as a Triple Triad dealer and tender of the photo booth but it didn't take long for management to notice his creativity and drive. Soon he was helping design attractions and not long after that he began the work that would become his passion. Overseeing the development of new attractions.

For a time everything was perfect. He spent his days traveling from venue to venue. Meeting as many new people as he could and took notes on all the wonders that Eorzea has to offer so he could incorporate them into something new to entertain those that sought distraction at the Saucer.

That was before. Some things just couldn't last. He and Talila drifted apart. His bonds with other partners growing and then fading like the tide. Many that needed him growing and to his pride and sorrow moving on. The only constant he had became his girlfriend Branwen Darkmoon.Eventually, even returning to his empty home became too much and he decided it was time to move on. To find new adventures with her by his side if she would come. Alone, if she could not bear to be away from her beloved library.He sold his home in Goblet, cleaned out his apartment at the FC and moved in with the Eorzean Rangers. A group who welcomed him with no reservations.

For now, he travels where ever life takes him. Experiencing it in every way that it brings. Embracing it all. Seeking life's pleasures, secrets and splendor amongst every challenge.More recently he heard a rumor. Someone from his past had tried to contact him from the continent of Tural. Strange since he'd never been there. More so because the tattered remains of the letter were nigh impossible to read except for a few snippets and the surname of the person who wrote it... Zelasch.

Character Details

Sex: Male
Age: 87
A small house in the Goblet
Clubbing, Fishing, Sightseeing
Senior Attraction Designer, Adventurer, Photographer
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Relationship Status
GF Branwen Darkmoon

Current places and positions of employThe Celestial Alehouse (Malboro - Emp - W16 P38)The Golden Saucer (Event Designer)Freelance PhotographerOwner/Operartor of the CDC Auctionhouse

MSQ Progress
Endwalker completed outside of a few side quests

The man behind the cat

I'm a gamer, an art lover and tabletop roleplayer. I've been roleplaying for literal years and can be very adaptable to whatever style you prefer.

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